September 24th, 2017

Gun Control and a New Cover for Fifty-Third and Dorchester

Amazon has rules. I was blindsided by one of them. They will not advertise a book on Kindle if the cover has a realistic depiction of a firearm. The rule only applies to marketing books on the Kindle, not the books themselves. My latest Fifty-Third and Dorchester cover has a realistic representation of an AK-47 […]

August 9th, 2017

Yet Another Cover

Well, not everyone likes my last effort at a cover for Fifty-Third and Dorchester. So I went back to the drawing board, that’s Gimp for me, and put some more work into a new version. My critics’ point was that the current version is not dark enough. It does not shout “dark mystery.” I added […]

November 1st, 2014

The Publishing Business

Publishers exist to make money for their owners, investors, and other stakeholders. They choose to make money by creating books and selling them at a profit. Publishers talk about preserving the culture and ideals of free speech, but tell that to a private equity firm planning a leveraged buyout or a bankruptcy court.

How do […]