June 26th, 2009


A 21st Century Interpretation

1 jigger gin
Healthy dash Peychaud’s Bitters
Chilled tonic to fill glass
Ample slice of lemon

Start with a chilled highball glass. Add the gin with a light hand, don’t burn the lumpechuck and don’t insult the spirit of lumpechuck with cultus premium iktus. Use a good bar gin like Gordon’s. Add the bitters with a heavy hand. There is no substitute for Peychaud’s Bitters. Amazon sells them. You can also order them from Buffalo Trace Distillery. Fill with chilled tonic. Do not use ice. Ice is for cultus bostons. The tinkle of ice reminds the lumpechuck drinker of log chains and hours best forgotten. If you want rum, drink it, but don’t put it in lumpechuck. If you must have idle variation, substitute a slice of orange for lemon.