October 25th, 2017

Libraries and the Homeless

As a trustee of a rural library system, homeless people in libraries is a problem I think about frequently and I can’t say I have anywhere near a complete answer.

Please note that I write here as an individual, not for the board of which I am a member nor for the library itself.


August 22nd, 2017

Libraries, Personnel Costs, Automation, and Jobs

I observed at a meeting of our local library system recently that the 40,000 foot financial view of our library system is 70% of expenditures on personnel, 10% on collection (buying books), and the remaining 20% keeps the lights on, which includes computer systems, the cost of transporting books from branch to branch, office supplies, […]

November 30th, 2013

Libraries and Service Management

While recovering from a serious turkey and mashed potato overdose, I started thinking about my experience in computer software and libraries.

I’ve spent a good part of the last thirty years building service management applications for large enterprises, so I can’t help but think of any organization as a service management challenge. In my book, […]