December 21st, 2017

Christmas 2017

2017 has been a year of ugly politics, grotesque politicians, collapsing heroes, sobering international affairs, and natural disasters. I, and a lot of others, don’t expect to be nostalgic for 2017 in years ahead. I started to write this as a catalog of woes, but I’ll leave that job to someone else, someone plagued with […]

December 16th, 2017

Farm Suicide

Who is more vulnerable to suicide: a veteran back from combat in the middle east? Or an American farmer?

The farmer.

I address some of these issues in the Lupaster mystery I am working on now. I call it Blind!, at least for now. Reggie Haskell, the transplanted urban sophisticate, confronts some of the issues […]

December 6th, 2017

My Letter of Consolation

The United States of America is in a bad year. I have found the year so disturbing, I have contracted a stress related illness, shingles, and I find myself forced to undertake this project to console myself and relieve some stress. The project is to examine why I find this year so disturbing and try […]