December 25th, 2009

Christmas 2009

Rebecca’s father died last week, and that has added a bitter sweet note to Christmas, but our grandsons, the twins. are seven this year and Christmas, and I can’t imagine a better age for appreciating Christmas. It is still early; no presents have been unwrapped; and we are busy preparing for the arrival of relatives for dinner. In defiance of the recession, we bought more expensive gifts than usual, hoping the generosity will dispel some of the gloom that hovers over the holiday this year.

The sun shown for a while yesterday. The skies this morning are still dark but behind the dark mountains in the east, it is shining bright, and the weather forecast holds out the possibility for clear skies tonight. The twins are mad about science, astronomy, biology and we are eager to encourage them. We bought a telescope for them, a nice four and a half inch reflector that fills their grandfather’s requirements as well as the boy’s. I would like to demonstrate it to the boys (and myself!) tonight. I wanted a telescope desperately when I was their age and older, and now, through the generations, I have it and so do they.

Another Christmas in the house my great grandfather Gottlieb built for my grandfather.

Merry Christmas

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