October 17th, 2009

A Man, a Cigar, and a Plymouth

My great grandfather, Gottlieb Waschke, like most men from the turn of the century, smoked cigars, but he was not good at driving automobiles.

Pear tree planted by Gottlieb Waschke

He had a nickel silver match case with a cigar end clipper and an engraving of a stag on the front. My grandmother said […]

October 14th, 2009

Speaking Chinook Jargon Like a Northwest Native

There are estimates, more likely wild guesses, that a 100,000 people spoke Chinook Jargon in the old days, which were sometime around the turn of the century. The charm of Chinook Jargon is in its illegitimacy. The inventors of Chinook Jargon were simply up to no good. The traders of Nootka Sound, […]

October 10th, 2009

Uses of Vine Maple

The day of a fish fry begins with a trip to the woods to cut green vine maple for the fire. My grandpa was not much of a cook. His contribution to a fish fry was a wheelbarrow load of vine maple cut early in the morning while the dew was still on the grass. […]