Vine Maple Arches

Vine maples arched over trails in the woods in several places. The arches were formed by a half a dozen or so four to six inch vine maple trunks that started on one side of the path, rose up eight or ten feet and then descended again to the ground. Often, a single trunk was […]

Trading Horses for Tractors

My dad traded the team of horses for a tractor. I don’t know exactly when, but it must have been shortly after the war. I remember riding on and even driving that first tractor, but that first Ford 8N or 9N was replaced before I started school. What I remember best about that first tractor […]

Field Corn Eight Inches Tall

We had a good rain today and yesterday. My renter’s field corn is doing well– it’s at least eight inches tall now. I planted my sweet corn later– dad always said sweet corn does better if it is planted after the soil is good and warm. Now that I am trying to grow a crop […]